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    Any Place / Anywhere

    Due to the nature of our clients in Oil & Gas and Construction, we understand how to operate in challenging conditions. Whether this is Post-war Iraq or the outskirts of a construction program our continuous improvement mindset will provide the best site services a operator should need on both strategic and operational level.

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    Collaborative Work Environment

    Working as one team across the globe in partnership with our customers in our Collaborative Work Environment based on modern day could services like Office365, iCloud and Slack.

TheDutch thrive in an atmosphere of challenge and openness and our track record in building and coaching multicultural business projects and teams to achieve excellence through engaging positively with them; will provide a strong platform for undertaking a demanding project.

TheDutch find a challenge and reward in the offered opportunities with innovative organisations, where we provide an array of abilities and experiences that will provide our customers with an invaluable consulting resources..  


Multi Cultural

Based on scientific research we are able to adjust our approach globally to the local customs, needs and way of learning and communicating. We work closely with the Hofstede institute to provide us with valuable information about the cultural differences to deliver the best approach

First movers

TheDutch provide first mover services to perform a situation FIT/GAP analyses in challenging conditions around the globe providing valuable project planning information. 



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